Branding and Design

All companies need to make their identity known and they do it in multiple ways. Through digital design we represent their visual expression, what they seek to convey through aesthetic aspects and values. We help brands to find their own meaning and a representation or graphic portrait of their essence. Branding seeks to create the whole process in which a brand will be present to customers with a quick identification.


Branding and Design

Our Method


We surveyed and analyzed the visual language styles being used by competitors and relevant players in the segment.

Comunication Strategy

Communicators and designers work together with digital strategists so that the deliverable products have an integral logic that closes on itself.


We unravel the main concepts and key messages to be communicated in order to translate them into a concrete representation in images.


We generate models or sketches prior to implementation that allow us to perform tests and avoid launching digital products with errors or usability flaws.

Visual Identity

We unravel the main concepts and key messages to be communicated in order to translate them into a concrete representation in images.

Branding. What is it and what is it for?

Branding is made up of several elements: your products and services, your own work team and your culture and identity. It is like the personality of a brand in this era. Graphic design is one of its main forms of expression, because through brand design, it’s own style manual lets the world know what the brand is, what it does and why it’s in the market. This is done with specific contents in which the whole visual identity is represented (in specific pieces) to achieve an adequate brand positioning and collaborate with its presence on the Internet in a specific and integral way.

Design and Brand Management

What is then this set of contents or pieces that the brand design includes? Represented in a varied and complete range of elements that we manage between our team and the needs of our clients, we can mention: logo, key visual (guide or reference that serves as a matrix) to be applied in social networks, flyers, newsletters, email signatures, business cards, brochures or folders for presentation of services, diptychs or triptychs of products, merchandising (pins, magnets, pens).

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We carry out the digital transformation of your company

As we like to say at Buffalo, having a website, a digital structure with all that it implies, is not a luxury that brands can afford, it is practically an obligation. Although we continue and will logically continue to coexist with traditional forms of communication for a long time, the habits of search, choice and consumption have changed a lot, turning to digital in a very massive scenario. The company that still resists going digital runs the risk of being left out of the market. Therefore, we seek to collaborate with brands in the construction of their identity and digital ecosystem. A universe that starts from the creation of a solid and representative image to all the adaptations and implementations that collaborate with the dissemination of the daily tasks of a company and the achievement of its objectives for the target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions so that you can dedicate time to your project. Send us a message, we are waiting for you.

Branding is the combination of elements that make up a brand’s identity and personality. It includes its products and services, the team, culture, and values. In today’s era, branding is essential for differentiating your business in a competitive market. Through graphic design and the creation of a coherent visual identity, branding helps communicate who the brand is, what it offers, and why it’s relevant to its target audience. This not only strengthens the emotional connection with customers but also contributes to brand recognition and its presence in the market.

Graphic design and branding serve as the primary means of expressing a brand’s personality. Through brand design, a style guide is created to communicate the brand’s essence, values, and unique proposition to the world. This is achieved through visual elements such as the logo, key visuals, and other graphic pieces that represent the brand’s visual identity. These elements are consistently applied across all brand communications, from websites to social media and printed materials, to create a unified and memorable brand experience.

At Buffalo, we offer a comprehensive set of brand design and branding elements to help brands stand out in the market. This includes creating a distinctive logo, developing a key visual as a reference for digital identity, and a variety of graphic pieces such as flyers, business cards, brochures, and merchandise. Our goal is to provide each brand with a solid and coherent visual identity that reflects its personality and purpose.

At Buffalo, we follow a meticulous process of brand design and management to ensure a solid and coherent identity for each client. We start by deeply understanding the brand’s vision, values, target audience, and position in the market. Then, we work closely with the client to develop a unique brand design that effectively communicates its message and purpose. Once the visual identity is established, we offer brand management services to ensure its consistency and relevance over time.

At Buffalo, we specialize in the digital transformation of companies, helping them build a strong and representative identity in the digital environment. This includes creating a professional and attractive website that reflects the essence of the brand, as well as adapting its visual identity to different digital platforms, such as social media and newsletters. Our goal is to create a coherent digital ecosystem that supports business objectives and enhances the user experience online.