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In this site you will find information about our team and strategies as well as some cases of work we have carried out in relation to digital cannabis mkt. We have created content in a wide variety of communication channels for brands and referents of this universe.

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What is
Cannabis Marketing?

The cannabis business keeps growing, from medicinal use to adult and recreational use, and its communication profiles must grow as well. Cannabis advertising is one of the most challenging to carry out, as it requires creating and publishing ads that dismantle myths and negative perceptions of marijuana.

Why Choose Buffalo Agency for Your Cannabis Marketing Plan?

With expertise in the Latin American cannabis market, we will help you elevate your brand online, understand and reach your audience, and build a community through exclusive campaigns and content. We create marketing strategies and solutions for companies in the cannabis market. We are an interdisciplinary team of marijuana specialists dedicated to developing brands, websites, SEO, social media, email marketing, packaging, advertising campaigns, influencer management, partnerships, and more.

How Does Digital Marketing Help My Online Cannabis Business?

Cannabis companies need special attention and presence on social media to tackle the daily challenges of content restrictions, updates, and algorithms of major digital platforms. We handle the creation of a strategy that considers community policies and strengthens all types of actions that contribute to the solid growth of brand reputation in the short, medium, and long term, positioning you for direct contact with recipients and potential customers.


Cannabis marketing
services for cannabis

Among the many communication channels that marketing has, there are some specific ones that will allow your brand to position itself and enter the cannabis world. We’ll tell you a little about each of them.

Branding and Design

We create the visual identity of the company, to define your image and personality. We generate that your brand has its own communication style starting by identifying and giving recognition to your name, colors and sensations associated with the spirit of your project and the people who carry it forward, fully aligned with the objectives you need to achieve.

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Web Design / E-commerce

Our websites are responsive and adaptable to mobile devices. The main search engines such as Google reward with greater reach those sites that have fast and agile loading. We do this work with a perspective that includes an easy textual scannability that allows the user a simple and accessible reading of the site and dynamics.

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Search Engine Positioning

For your website and your company to be placed in the top positions of search engines it is important to know the SEO world, in particular Marijuana SEO and analyze which are the actions that will allow you to achieve it. Our strategies include the creation of the necessary content to achieve it.

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Social Media Management

Our team is responsible for implementing each of the steps to achieve the goals that allow to achieve a successful strategy. The creation and publication of content on websites, email marketing and social networks are some of them always framed in a personalized and specific proposal to meet those that are appropriate.

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Success stories in Cannabis Marketing

Our knowledge and experience in digital marketing services have been combined with the experience we have gained by working with an increasing number of brands in the cannabis sector. This has given us the possibility to have knowledge, criteria and the necessary sensitivity to position the figures and companies in the cannabis world.

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