UX for cannabis retailers

When we first met Green Buds, we were attracted to this ambitious project that would change the way in which medical cannabis users could acquire it legally and safely.
We conducted research and designed the user-centric app, which was a fundamental piece to achieve the goal of offering traceable cannabis, along with cannabis clubs.

Industry: Cannabis

Green Buds: The first platform to acquire medical cannabis legally and safely, where you can find all cannabis clubs and see the genetics they offer.

Services: Branding – UX Research – UX/UI Dev – Development

The Challenge

Designing an innovative experience for acquiring medical cannabis, which represents the future of consumers.


1. We analyzed medical cannabis users.

2. We abide by the new regulations of the law to be within the legal framework.

3. Design an innovative experience in the industry that exploits the commercialization of crops.

4. To provide access to quality traced cannabis to users who cannot access it.

Design Thinking

The Process


We identify a problem, define the objective and propose a solution, understanding our user and their needs.


We analyze the competition through benchmarking and define our MVP and POV.


We build the information architecture. We verify through Cardsorting and design the userflow.


We started with wireframes in low and medium. We define the guide style and design the prototype in high fidelity.


Validate with users, iterate, iterate and iterate again. We close with metrics and the final report.

Understanding the challenge

Since the legalization of the use of medical cannabis for people with medical prescription in Argentina, those people who are unable to access a controlled cultivation of cannabis, either for lack of space or lack of knowledge, find it impossible to access this medical cannabis, or its derivatives, to carry out their medical treatment inherent to their pathologies; for these people, the only way to obtain these products is to resort to the black market.

Since March 2021, the Ministry of Health has created Reprocann, a registry for medicinal consumers and growers.


Argentines have been released from the prohibition and are no longer at risk of being imprisoned for marijuana use.


There are more than 200,000 registered in addition to the 87,327 that have already been approved.


Users of medical cannabis under the legal framework of the law 27.350

Define and validate users

The entire user experience design will be centered on people: users, partners, physicians and beneficiaries, among others.

The focus will be on the need to provide dynamic, everyday solutions from the app in which Green Buds provides solutions to its users.

Design Sprint

We conducted a Design Sprint that allowed us to quickly test some of the solutions we defined with the client. Our workshop was conducted in two iterations of one week each. In each of these iterations, we built a prototype that we then validated with the users through interviews.

Prototipo UX cannabis

User Solutions

Users registered in the Reprocann system will be able to register in our app linking our club as their solidarity grower. In this way users will be able to choose a membership with which they will have legal access to prescribed cannabis products.they will also have access to workshops, medical consultations, discounts and more benefits.

On boarding

We provide information to new users in order to put them within the legal framework to access medical cannabis.

If your Dr. prescribed you the use of medical cannabis and you can’t grow it due to lack of space or knowledge.

All you have to do is register with Reprocann, assign us as your solidarity grower and we will do the rest for you.

Register in our app, select a membership and access medical cannabis in a simple and fast way.

The objective was to provide a solution to medical cannabis users through Green Buds.

Through the app, users with Reprocann accreditation can become part of Green Buds, to acquire medical cannabis through a monthly membership, which will allow them to select different products and quantities of flowers according to their pathologies prescribed by their doctor, in a fast and friendly way.

Prototipo Ux cannabis
green buds marketing digital de cannabis

Online medical consultation

The app allows users to book virtual medical appointments with different professionals to treat their different pathologies, allowing them to receive prescriptions and consultations.

Designing for everyone

Broadly speaking, 99.98% of people in the world have some kind of disability at some point in their lives. Understanding product accessibility can improve usability for all users and, therefore, a better experience.


It is not limited to system design guidelines, but also has references that update components, approve new standards with all users in mind.

Design process

Accessibility has its own task tracker, deliberations and meetings to constantly discuss updates and improvements. We take it seriously.

Chromatic palette

We carry out contrast tests of the colors used, to define primary, secondary and accent colors.


Font sizes larger than 14 pixels were used, always taking into account that smaller sizes have good contrast.

Additional items

Nomenclature and alternative text were included for screen readers to identify the elements.


Determine the order and appearance of the keyboard focus when the TAB key is pressed.