Digital campaigns for coworking spaces

Our team had the huge goal of directing digital communications in both newsletter campaigns, Google Ads and social networks, to attract companies to move their offices to Wework, offering lower costs than a traditional office and customizing it. Being in Wework spaces the only concern for companies is the success of their business.

Industry: Coworking – Realstate

Wework: is a global platform that offers members around the world the spaces, community and services, both physical and digital, they need to create and develop their ideas

Services: Web design and development – Newsletters – Google Ads – Meta Ads

The Challenge

Generate the need for companies to move to a space with lower costs and more possibilities to do business successfully.


1. Establish the strategy to approach the ideal segment.

2. Define the channels to run campaigns and the point of arrival to convert.

3. Design the digital pieces for the campaign and the target website.

4. Get quality leads to negotiate the opening of new spaces for companies.

We provide tools to publicize the benefits of workspaces in Latin America, and attract companies to move to Wework where everything is simpler, and networking is generated to make good business.

UX/UI Design

The design of the site is focused on users arriving from the different campaigns, showing detailed information on services, locations and solutions, so that conversion is just a click away.

wework agencia buffalo

Display in Google Ads

We defined and segmented the audience on which the campaign was going to focus, so that it was objective.
We carried out search, display and remarketing campaigns to achieve the set objectives, helped by simple and attractive designs.