Webdesign services for startup business

From the creative mind of our Art Director to the strategic vision of Gueno’s CEO, we immersed ourselves in the task of communicating a revolutionary idea: a comprehensive platform designed for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance in the banking world. We developed a complete identity system to achieve total communication coverage, from social media to web and display ads across all media platforms.

Industry: Crypto y Fintech

Gueno: It’s an API-first. A single API for real-time monitoring, fraud prevention and compliance

Services: Branding – Web Design and Development – Social Media Management

The Challenge

Creating a secure transaction experience and fraud prevention for global transactions.


  1. Analyze: where the brand stands for the starting point.
  2. Generate: A rebranding to differentiate the brand in the Fintech world.

  3. Design: The company’s new website to offer its solutions and API’S.

  4. Develop: an organic strategy to position the company in the Fintech Crypto world.

UX/UI Design

We are dedicated to developing solid concepts that convey security, merging the crypto universe with fraud prevention. Fintech culture and technology were key elements to shape this project. We created designs that highlight user-centric functionalities, ensuring a unique experience. We leveraged the innovation and security inherent in the cryptocurrency environment to provide reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

Digital Rebranding

The rebranding was focused on the needs of the user to feel identified when choosing a product that provides security and transparency in its platform.

Design System


We generated a family of illustrations with the proposed brand identity to illustrate the process, actions and resources used by the platform for its different services.


Orchestrate, automate and predict transactional behavior. Our proprietary platform orchestrates data from third party, internal apps into a single.