eCommerce development for education industry

We carried out a transformation process together with Capabilty, creating a new user-centric platform where we prioritized training courses for leaders to be trained to grow teams and organizations, in order to build a new experience. As part of the transformation we redesigned the site, a fundamental piece for growth and future expansion and success.

Industry: Education

Capability Build: is a company dedicated to maximizing the impact of companies and organizations by developing talent and capabilities that are critical to business success

Services: Ecommerce Design and Development

The Challenge

Build a digital experience that represents the transformation for new leaders of the future.


1. Analysis: where the mark for the starting point is, the mark for the starting point.

UX/UI Design

We defined the concepts to be transmitted with a clean and minimalist design in order to focus the user on the entire purchasing process, generating a friendly experience, making navigation accessible.

Working capability building


We developed the store, covering all the needs of our users, providing a great experience and advice when purchasing courses.

Problem solving capability building

We created an e-learning platform to allow users to purchase downloadable courses, but also to be able to take synchronous courses within Capability Building.

Design System

We generate the design system in which we define chromatic palettes, iconography and typographies in order to standardize the design of digital products and form a digital system.