Social media management for cannabis industry

Our team was integrated to the company’s team to provide digital solutions to their problems, an analysis was conducted to determine where BSF was standing, and from there we launched the Ecommerce platform for Latin America and Europe. In a short period of time we increased their sales considerably in the digital channel and positioned the brand worldwide, giving it a great international prestige within the cannabis segment.

Industry: Cannabis

BSF Seeds: One of the most important cannabis seed banks in Latin America and Europe, with many years in the development of unique genetics.

Services: Ecommerce Design and Development – SEO positioning campaigns – Social Media Management

The Challenge

Build a complete digital experience that caters to all stages of seed purchase and brand recognition.


  1. Analysis: Where does the brand stand for the starting point?
  2. Design: Digital store and the platform for product authentication
  3. Strategy: positioning

UX / UI Design

We defined the concepts to convey and also represent the culture of rap and basketball that merge with the brand. We defined the functionalities focused on the user to generate a good experience at the time of purchase.


We developed the store, covering all the needs of our users, providing a great experience and advice when purchasing a product.

Gorilla Glue 4 bsf seeds

Multiple payment methods integrated for secure purchases

We created a platform to verify the authenticity of the seeds and provide peace of mind to users, where they can also obtain benefits, track their germination and be able to process the warranty of each pack purchased.

SEP Positioning

We generate an SEO strategy to position the brand in Latin America and Europe, thus increasing traffic to the site in an organic way and translating it into sales in the positioned countries.

Social Media

The objective was to create a large cannabis community where users can help each other and share knowledge, for this we defined communication pillars for the communication of the channel. We substantially increased the number of users through different actions, helped by a great change of image and content that generated more engagement in the account.


Immersing ourselves in the cannabis world was a great challenge to position digitally the largest seed bank in Latin America and position it in Europe, achieving a large flow of sales globally and a large community in the networks.


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