UX/UI and eCommerce for airline industry

From artistic management to e-commerce development, Agencia Buffalo joined the Amae Lounge team with the determination to forge a solid identity and a high-caliber digital sales platform on a national level. The objective was to provide each executive, as well as AMEX and Visa Companion clients, access to all the exclusive VIP lounges in the Argentine Republic. This collaboration offered a comprehensive and rapid solution to meet the individual needs of each client.

Industry: Tourism and business.

Amae Lounge: It was born as a result of the initiative of a group of professionals from the PREMIUM Lounges and the most important airports in the world.

Services: E-commerce design and development – SEO positioning campaigns – Branding – Social Network Management.

The challenge

Build a complete digital experience that meets all the needs of users when reserving a space at an Argentine airport.


We analyze: where the mark for the starting point is.

We generate: a rebranding to differentiate the brand in the VIP lounge industry in Argentina.

We designed: the new e-commerce that offers information about all the salons and the possibility of purchasing online passes to each of them.

We developed: a reservation system for all users, especially aimed at executives.

UX / UI Design

We define the concepts to be transmitted with a clean and minimalist design to be able to focus the user on the entire purchasing and information process of all current salons in the country.

The challenge was to find the right tool that could integrate the needs of different areas, to maximize business objectives.

ecommerce amae lounge

Reserve and purchase

We created a platform so that passengers on national and international flights can make reservations and buy their tickets for the premium lounges at all airports in Argentina. In this way we improve and streamline the purchasing process for users.

Mobile Design

Orchestra, automates and predicts transactional behavior. Our proprietary platform orchestrates data from third-party, internal apps into a single one.

Design System

We generate the design system in which we define chromatic, iconographic and font palettes to be able to standardize the design of digital products and form a digital system.

Social Media

Publications to generate engagement with the entire community focused on tourism and pleasure and work in the executive environment.

We create a creative strategy to reach the entire community and thus strengthen the company’s visual system.